About me


Hi, my Name is Marcel and I spend most of my time helping organizations build Enterprise (Cloud) Applications and implementing Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) practices and tooling. I work for a Dutch company called Xpirit and my job title there is Chief Technical Manager (CTO). As a CTO I spend most of my time looking at how new emerging technologies can help organizations build better quality software and do this is a more productive way. I have a passion for learning new technologies and teaching the things he learned on the way when applying technology to solve business problems. I Write articles and whitepapers on .NET, Application Lifecycle Management and Mobile solutions for websites and magazines like: MSDN, The Architecture journal and local magazines like SDN Magazine. I am also a frequent speaker at industry conferences like Microsoft TechDays, Visual Studio Live!, Microsoft Tech Ed and local user group events.  I am awarded by Microsoft with the Microsoft ALM MVP award and am also a Microsoft Regional Director.