Public speaking

I get regularly invited to speak at tech conferences on topics that help people build better software. On this page you can find some of my sessions that got recorded and you can view for free.

Presented at TechEd Barcelona 2014


Best Practices for Using Open Source Software in the Enterprise

Session abstract:
Most of us understand the benefits of using open source software (OSS) and libraries. Heck, even Microsoft embraces it, so why can’t you adopt it as well in your enterprise? Open source can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. We probably all remember incidents like the “heart bleed” vulnerability in a popular open source implementation of SSL. So, if open source becomes more and more prevalent, how can we cope with the challenges that lay at hand? We will be challenged with all sorts of questions in the enterprise: What are the license implications when I take a dependency on a library with a viral type of license? What version of open source libraries are we using and are they the choice of the generic public or did we select one we now need to maintain ourselves? Are there known vulnerabilities in the libraries we use, and if so, are we affected by that? In this session, we take a practical approach to using open source libraries in product development for the enterprise. We touch briefly on the license types and the ones to look out for. We show you how an artefact repository system can help you to answer a lot of the tough questions. Learn how to integrate a system that is very popular, called Nexus, in your continuous deployment strategy and ensure a frictionless experience for your developers. We show integration with NuGet and how to manage open source dependencies using proxy facilities so you can ensure only a curated set of libraries are used, and meet compliance requirements for your business.

Presented at: //Build 2014


Together with Charles Sterling, I presented at //Build in 2014.

Using the Cloud-Based Load Testing Service and Application Insights to Find Scale and Performance Bottlenecks in Your Applications

Session Abstract:
Together with Charles Sterling, I presented at //Build in 2014.
Do you find it painful to set up infrastructure to run performance and load tests? Do you think load testing is an expensive affair? Do you have a need for testing your service with a large burst load just before your big launch? Do you want to get a 360 degree of the performance and availability of your application when tested under load conditions? In this session, see how you can use the cloud-based load testing service provided by Visual Studio Online in conjunction with the monitoring and analytics capabilities of Application Insights to quickly run load tests and fix performance bottlenecks.

Presented at: Techdays 2014

Microsoft Techdays 2014

Automated cross browser testing of web applications using Visual Studio CodeUI

Session Abstract:
How well do you test your web application or website? Are you still testing your site manually and does that take a lot of time? Do you find it hard to create and maintain automated tests for web applications? Come to this session! In this session I will teach you how you can build cross browser automated test suites using Visual Studio CodedUI and integrate it with Microsoft Test Manager to show you a holistic view of your current sprint in terms of completion and test coverage. I will show you how you can set up your test cases using record & Playback and show you how the CodedUI API works. I will show you how you can build test suites in such a way that they are maintainable by default. For this I will introduce you to the concept of Page Objects that enable us to build SOLID, DRY and DAMP tests. After attending this session, you can build test automation suites that will stay actual for the lifetime of your application with a low maintenance profile.

Continuous delivery with Visual Studio 2013 Release Manager

Session Abstract:
The faster your software is deployed, the quicker you can get feedback. With release management in Visual Studio you can configure, approve and deploy your applications for any environment. You can set up automated deployment orchestrations for each environment with different machines and configurations. Delivering your software more frequently and easily to an environment allows you to get feedback on your product faster release Manager enables you to model the release processes, track approvals and sign-offs, and display release status graphically In this session I will show you how you can use Microsoft Release Manager to enable continuous delivery in your (enterprise) organization.

Using Visual Studio Online “Application Insights” to get your own application telemetry data

Session Abstract:
Application Insights collects, processes and presents a wide variety of telemetry including performance, usage, availability, exception, crash, environment, log and developer-supplied data from all components of a modern application – including clients (devices and browser), servers, databases and services. With this “360 degree view” of your application, Application Insights can quickly detect availability and performance problems, alert you and pinpoint their root cause. It connects you to rich diagnostic experiences in Visual Studio for diagnosis and repair. It also supports continuous, data-driven improvement of an application. For example it highlights which features are most and least used, where users get “stuck” in an application, where and why exceptions are occurring, which client platforms are being used with which OS versions, and where performance optimizations will make the biggest impact on compute costs. In this session I will show you how you can enable Application insights for your applications and how you can use the information to better support your team with insights in what needs to be built in the next sprint for your application.

Presented at Xamarin Evolve 2013

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Together with my colleague Roy Cornelissen we presented two sessions at Xamarin’s first conference

Create a uniform login experience with a centralized cloud authentication system

Uniform login experience

Sharing up to 80% code for iOS, Android and Windows platforms, a retail app case study

Sharing up to 80% code for iOS, Android and Windows platforms, a retail app case study

Presented at: TechEd 2012

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IntelliTrace, What Is It and How Can I Use It To My Benefits?

Session Abstract:
IntelliTrace is a Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate feature that helps debug applications using a historical application log. If you want to know how it works and how to use it, then this is the session for you. Based on a set of demos, this session will show you how you can use IntelliTrace for your normal debug session today, but also as postmortem debugger when something went wrong with your application in a test environment. You can leverage it even in your unit test environment to fix the problem without rerunning the test. Come and see why this is feature can be a game changer for you today and even more so in the future when Microsoft enables production environment usage!